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FIBERPRO possesses many solutions in various fields
from basic research to optical communication, glass substrates,
and semiconductor wafers, all based on our in-house fiber optic technology.

Photonic Solutions


Multichannel Birefringence Analyzer (MBA)

  • Simultaneous measurement of birefringence magnitude and angle
  • High speed measurement (150Hz)
  • High resolution
  • High sensitivity in low-level birefringence measurement
  • Modular design for moving head
  • Customizable light source based on application
  • Versatile use (i.e. glass, semiconductor, wave plates, visible, infrared materials)
  • Description

    FIBERPRO's Low Level Multichannel Birefringence Analyzer, the BA5100, is a major breakthrough for enabling glass manufacturers to overcome difficulties in the production line. The BA5100 offers the industry's highest precision measurements at the fastest available speeds. With its detector modules, MBA measures birefringence magnitude and angles of glass plate at eight points simultaneously with 150Hz of measurement speed. Based on balanced detection, it is also uniquely designed to provide accurate birefringence analysis in harsh environments, including factories and mechanical labs.


    Main Controller: 449mm x 436mm x 177mm / Source Module: 74mm x 153mm x 110mm / Detector Module: 74mm x 168mm x 110mm


    • On-line low level birefringence measurement for glass plate
    • Finding Excess Stress at Edge
    • Stress Analysis of Optical Materials. Including Polymer Films
    • Metrology for Quality Control
    • Wafer/Photolithography Components Analysis
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