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Your Innovative Fiber Optics Provider

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Your Innovative Fiber Optics Provider


FIBERPRO offers extensive engineering support and a high level of technical expertise to provide innovative engineering solutions in the fiber-optic communication field.

Our product lines cover basic research tools on fiber optics to measuring instruments for characterization of optical components in the industry, and are used worldwide by global tech companies and research facilities, boasting high performance with little to no loss.

FIBERPRO also has the capability to deliver any specific requirements our customers require on every one of our products with the enabling technology.
FIBERPRO’s Photonic solutions, based on optical fiber, are utilizable in various fields from basic research, optical communication, glass substrate, to semiconductor wafers
FIBERPRO’s sensing system provides various solutions in measuring temperature, acceleration, displacement, and pressure using optical fiber, with various high-quality product groups for each field
FIBERPRO`s Auto Alignment System offers a wide range of optical packaging solutions tailored to meet clients’ needs.
FIBERPRO offers single or double axis gyroscope and IMU(Inertial Measurement Unit) based on fiber optic technology. FIBERPRO has a variety of products, which are applicable to a wide range of industries.


FIBERPRO is well known in the field of test and measurement service through its innovative ideas and quality products.

˝Creating New Value with New Technology˝ is the motto of our company and the guideline for the behaviour of our employees as such our company believes that the value of creation comes from the innovative technology used.

Our products provide a new innovative way of standard measurement and by doing so we provide clients with new ways to be creative and innovative. We act with the belief that we will be remembered as one of the top test & measurement service companies and strive to further improve our products and technologies


FIBERPRO is a company to provide quality test & measurement services through its products and knowledge.


Xponential 2020
FIBERPRO hosts Youtube Live(Prologue) on 2020.10.14(Wed) 2:00pm(PST)
FIBERPRO hosts Youtube Live(Prologue) on 2020.10.14(Wed) 2:00pm(PST)- About 5min of brief company introduction- News- Free Raffle Gifts!!!!! [이 게시물은 Admin님에 의해 2020-1..


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