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Consent for the Collection and Use of Personal Data

FIBERPRO, Inc. establishes and discloses the following personal information processing policy to protect users' personal information and provide guidance on the collection and use of related information.

Article 1 (Purpose of processing personal information)
FIBERPRO, Inc. processes personal information for the following purposes. Personal information being processed will not be used for purposes other than the following, and if the purpose of use changes, necessary measures will be taken, such as obtaining separate consent.
  • Contact us: We process personal information for the purpose of smoothly contacting customers who inquire.
Article 2 (Personal information items processed)
⑥ FIBERPRO, Inc. processes the following personal information items.
  • ① Contact us
  • Name, email, company name, phone number, inquiry details
Article 3 (Processing and retention period of personal information)
① FIBERPRO, Inc. processes and retains personal information within the personal information retention and use period in accordance with laws or within the personal information retention and use period agreed upon when collecting personal information from users.
② The processing and retention period of personal information is as follows.
  • Inquiry: Response to inquiry, until completion of service provision based on response results

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