We are looking for talented people with a vision and
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Since its inception in 1995 at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), FIBERPRO is Korea's sole specialist company for fiber optic sensor technology, providing innovative solutions based on original technologies for the optical measurement and sensor market.

"Creating New Value with New Technology" serves as both the goal and guiding principle for FIBERPRO. We believe in value creation through innovative technology and strive to encompass these principles into our products in order to provide the optimal solution to our customers.


  • Optical Engineer

    Optical instrument/system research and development

    Optical applications research and development

    Autoalignment/measurement system research and development

    Qualifications: Bachelor's degree or higher in physics/optical physics or related field
  • Electrical Engineer

    FPGA firmware research and development

    CPU/DSP firmware research and development

    Circuit diagram creation, PCB fabrication, etc.

    Qualifications: Bachelor's degree or higher in electrical engineering or related field
  • Production Line Technician

    IOC module measurement and evaluation, interferometer temperature test and evaluation

    Perform calibration process

    Knowledge and experience with optical communications, fiber optic measurement/sensors preferred

    Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering or related fields preferred

    Qualifications: Bachelor's degree or high
  • Sales & Marketing Staff

    Efficient sales management and support

    Operation of company website and SNS

    Planning and execution of advertising campaigns

    Creation of catalogs and promotional materials

    Planning and execution of domestic and international exhibitions

    Qualifications: Bachelor's degree or higher

Recruitment Process

  • 01

    Application Review

  • 02

    Aptitude Assessment

  • 03

    Job Suitability Interview

  • 04

    Final Interview
    Physical Check-up

  • 05

    Final Offer


Application Review

Based on the information provided in the job application and introduction letter, we assess whether the applicant possess the qualifications and experience relevant to the position.


Personality+Aptitude Assessment

Through a comprehensive Personality+Aptitude Assessment, we evaluate whether the applicant possesses the foundational job-related skills and capabilities necessary to perform their job.


Competency-Based Interview

Through a job-specific or major-related performance task interview, we assess whether the candidate possesses the competencies relevant to job performance.


Final Interview and Pre-Employment Health Check

The final interview will be used to assess the candidate's suitablity with FIBERPRO's vision and organizational culture. Once the candidate passes the final interview, the candidate must undergo a mandatory pre-employment health check at a hospital before final approval is given.

Common Applicant Qualifications:

Education : Refer to applicable recruitment post for specific requirements Foreign Language Proficiency: Submit certified scores for language tests (e.g. TOEIC, TOEFL, TEPS) ※ For R&D/Technical positions, proficiency in interpreting technical documents in English and practical usage skills are required. Must not have any disqualifications for overseas travel. Completion of mandatory military service or exemption from service required (for male candidates). Must have no other cause for restriction or cancellation of employment as per FIBERPRO's employment regulations.

Application Procedure

Application Method: Online application Submit application form and all recruitment related questions via email (

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