Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

We value corporate social responsibility, act in accordance with fair standards in business activities to obtain customer value and trust, and declare that we will not accept any results that deviate from these standards. Therefore, every employee of Fiberpro, Inc. is committed to enacting and implementing the Code of Conduct as a standard for all actions and judgment in order to faithfully fulfill the responsibilities assigned to us.

Ⅰ. (Creating the Best Products and Services)
Here at Fiberpro, we believe in "Creating New Value with New Technology" in order to provide the best products and services to our customers.
  • 1. Quality is our highest value, and we will never compromise in providing the highest quality goods to our customers.
  • 2. We will constantly strive to provide our customers with the best, cheapest, fastest and cutting-edge products.
  • 3. We will lead the development of human society by creating new value through constant innovation and research and development.
Ⅱ. (Customer Focus and Customer Value Creation)
We will do our best to satisfy our customers with the belief that "FIBERPRO exists thanks to its customers."
  • 1. Consider customer satisfaction as a top priority in all decisions.
  • 2. Provide timely products and services that satisfy customers' needs and expectations.
  • 3. Identify market and customers' trends first and respond in advance.
  • 4. Commit to meeting the needs and expectations of our customers and realizing value for our customers.
Ⅲ. (Healthy Organizational Culture)
  • 1. Respect all individuals and the different values that they possess, and actively strive to provide a foundation for mutual development and growth.
  • 2. Create a sound organizational culture through mutual respect and cooperation.
  • 3. Make equitable and fair all personnel evaluation and treatment for employees in accordance with each individual's ability and performance, and prevent any and all discrimination based on one's gender, religion, or disability.
  • 4. Employees shall be allowed to borrow money, guarantee debts, and accept congratulatory gifts from each other within the bounds permitted by social conventions.
IV. (Protection of Company Property)
  • 1. We will be digilient in securing and protecting the physical and intellectual property rights of the Company.
  • 2. Company budget or materials shall only be used in accordance to Company regulations and for carrying out necessary tasks as they arise, and shall not be used for any other purposes.
  • 3. Employees shall not disclose any technology or information acquired in connection with the direct or indirect performance of their duties without the prior approval of the Company during their tenure or after retirement.
  • 4. Employees shall immediately report any infringement of the company's intellectual property rights.
  • 5. Employees shall not acquire, through any unfair manner such as hacking, theft, or piracy, any third party's intellectual property rights, or use any third party's intellectual property rights without the proper prior consent from such third party.
Ⅴ. (Fair and Honest Job Performance)
  • 1. We will treat all assigned jobs fairly and transparently, clearly define the division of work, and always think and act for the betterment of the Company as the first priority.
  • 2. Employees shall not make unlawful or unreasonable requests to others for the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage or undeserved profit for oneself or others, and comply with all related laws and regulations in performing their duties.
  • 3. In carrying out one's duties, Employees shall not give or request preferential treatment,
  • 4. Employees shall not receive any material or immaterial bribes or compensation, whether direct or indirect, in connection with the performance of their duties.
  • 5. Employees shall not engage in transactions or investments related to securities, digital currency, or real property using information gained directly or indirectly through performance of their duties or provide such information to others to assist in such transactions or investments.
  • 6. Employees shall not use their job or position to obtain unfair gain for oneself or others.
VI. (Compliance obligation)
All employees of the Company hereby agree to abide by the Code of Business Ethics so as not to impair or tarnish the honor or dignity of the Company.
Article 1 (Effective Date)
This Code shall take effect on August 1, 2009.
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