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FIBERPRO possesses many solutions in various fields
from basic research to optical communication, glass substrates,
and semiconductor wafers, all based on our in-house fiber optic technology.

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Optical Wafer Thickness MicroGauge

  • Compact designable size
  • Up to 6
  • High accuracy & repeatability
  • No calibration needed
  • User friendly operation program (LTV, 3D)
  • High speed measurement (500Hz for Warp / 1kHz for Thickness)
  • Thickness / Warp / Bow / LTV / TTV / Stress measurement
  • Description

    FIBERPRO's Optical Wafer Thickness MicroGauge, the TM5300, is of great use in measurement of Thickness, TTV, LTV, Warp and Bow of various silicon wafers, sapphire wafers, glass wafers, and other transparent, light-reflecting materials. It is designed with in-line and off- line measurement conditions with a motion stage controller for various applications. There’s no physical damage on the samples during measurement, and it can be protected from dust or external debris with the cover. Compact and portable, the TM5300 is easy to transport from place to place for measurement.


    380mm x 370mm x 380mm


    • Si Wafer / Sapphire Wafer / Glass Wafer / SIO2 / GaAS Material Manufacturing Process
    • Etch / Grinder Process Control
    • Metrology Industries
    • Wafer Thinning Process
    • Thickness / Warp / Bow / LTV / TTV / Flatness Stress Measurement & Analysis
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