Photonic Solutions

FIBERPRO boasts a long history and expertise in providing photonics solutions,
ranging from foundational research in optical fiber to systems for packaging, characterizing,
and analyzing optical components. Explore our expertise across these diverse fields,
including glass substrates and semiconductor wafer analysis equipment.

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Auto Alignment Systems

FIBERPRO's Auto Alignment System offers a wide range of optical
packaging solutions to meet users' needs.

Optical Instruments

FIBERPRO possesses many solutions in various fields
from basic research to optical communication, glass substrates,
and semiconductor wafers, all based on our in-house fiber optic technology.

Optical Components

FIBERPRO possesses a variety of experimental
optical components for communication and optical sensing based on our
in-house fiber optic technology.

Optical Devices

FIBERPRO's optical devices are used in various fields such as
optical communications and optical sensing.

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