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Photonic Solutions


Silicon Photonics Wafer Test System

  • Wafer level tester for up to 12-inch wafers (depending on probe station)
  • Automatic input/output coupling (wafer level vertical coupling)
  • Coupling to fiber array block and/or optical fiber
  • Convenient graphic user interface (GUI)
  • Versatile alignment functions using image processing and contact sensors
  • Automatic height control system
  • Description

    FIBERPRO's Silicon Photonics Wafer Test System, the IFA-640, is a device capable of wafer level tests related to silicon photonics. The overall configuration consists of a probe station for mounting the wafer and an optical alignment module. In the case of the probe station, it can be selectively changed according to the customer's measurement requirements and parameters. In addition, our optic alingment module has an automatic height control system with regards to fiber and fiber array blocks for added convenience.



    • Silicon photonics wafer level test (up to 12 inch wafer)
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