Fiber Sensing Systems

FIBERPRO provides various sensing systems by leveraging fiber optic technology to offer a
comprehensive range of measurement solutions, encompassing temperature, displacement, pressure,
acceleration, and more. Explore our diverse product portfolio in each specialized field.

Fiber Sensing Systems


FBG Strain Sensor

  • Wavlength Range: 1510 ~ 1590nm
  • Wavelength Tolerance: -0.5nm
  • Reflectivity: >90%
  • Strain Range: -500 ~ 5000με (pre-strain 500με)
  • Strain Sensitivity: 1.20pm/με
  • Temperature Sensitivity: 11pm/°C
  • Description

    FIBERPRO's Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) Strain Sensor, the FS1000, is a mountable strain sensor that measures direct strain and small displacements on a variety of applications such as civil engineering, aerospace, energy, and military industries. Easy to attach, remove, and reuse, the FS1000 can be attached to one another and several other sensors and provides users with ease in installation and use even in the harshest environmental conditions.


    165mm x 106mm x 23.5mm


    • Structural Monitoring
    • Strain and temperature monitoring of large structures
    • Surveillance and safety systems
    • Overheat detection and special temperature monitoring
    • Environmental Sciences
    • Temperature Profile Monitoring
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