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FIBERPRO possesses many solutions in various fields
from basic research to optical communication, glass substrates,
and semiconductor wafers, all based on our in-house fiber optic technology.

Photonic Solutions


Fiber-Loop Optical-Microwave Phase Detector (FLOM-PD)

  • High Sensitivity : 0.5mV/fs
  • High Resolution : 0.1 fs
  • Ultra Low Timing Jitter : < 7 fs
  • Super Wide Locking Bandwidth : > 2,000kHz
  • Ultra Low SSB Phase Noise : ~-150 dBc/Hz
  • USB remote interface
  • Description

    FIBERPRO’s Fiber Loop Optical Microwave Phase Detector (FLOM-PD, PD2000) is a high-performance phase detection and synchronization system that enables stable performance transmission between optical signals and RF signal areas.


    234mm x 410mm x 108mm (With rubber cover) / 212mm x 380mm x 86mm (Without rubber cover)


    • Ultrasensitive timing jitter measurement between ultrafast lasers and RF signals
    • Precise synchronization between ultrafast lasers and RF signals
    • Precise synchronization of RF signals to the output of stabilized fiber links
    • Synchronization of External Volt
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