FOG & Inertial Systems

FIBERPRO specializes in delivering cutting-edge solutions for precise motion measurement.
Explore our Fiber Optic Gyroscopes (FOG) for accurate angular motion detection and Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) for
precise measurement of acceleration and angular movement in dynamic environments.

FOG & Inertial Systems

FI 200C


Inertial Measurement Unit

  • 3 axis Fiber Optic Gyroscopes / 3 axis MEMS Accelerometers
  • Operating Range: ± 490º/sec
  • Bias Repeatability(over temp. range) : ≤ 0.5º/hr (1σ, RMS)
  • In-run Bias Stability: 0.03º/hr (typical, 1σ) ≤ 0.05º/hr (max, 1σ)
  • Angle Random Walk : 0.025º/√hr (typical, 1σ)
  • Power Consumption: 5W @ 25℃ (< 8 W, @ - 40℃)
  • Input Voltage: + 5 V
  • Lightweight Package: 790g (1.74 lbs)
  • Description

    FIBERPRO’s FI200C is a fiber optic gyroscope (FOG-based) Inertial Measurement Unit. Small, lightweight and offering the highest price/performance ratio of its kind, FI200C provides inertial data of incremental velocity (acceleration) and angular rate through digital format. FI200C is environmentally sealed and contains no moving parts ensuring low noise and long product life-span. Its low operating voltage and power consumption provide one of the lowest ownership and operation costs. The FI200C is most importantly an ITAR-free product and suitable for various strategic/tactical-grade applications. Customization is available upon request.



    • Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
    • Pipeline Inspection
    • Remoted-operated Vehicles
    • Motion Compensation
    • Autonomous Vehicles
    • Mining & Agriculture
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