Fiber Sensing Systems

FIBERPRO provides various sensing systems by leveraging fiber optic technology to offer a
comprehensive range of measurement solutions, encompassing temperature, displacement, pressure,
acceleration, and more. Explore our diverse product portfolio in each specialized field.

Fiber Sensing Systems


DTS receiver

  • Fire detection type: Rate of rise temperature type/fixed temperature type
  • Maximum measured distance: 5000m
  • Accessible Sensor: 32 circuit
  • KFI firefighting type certification
  • Description

    DTS receiver provides temperature reading without any transponder by combining DTS(optical fiber sensor). The product gives you 5km(or higher) range of measurement with <1m resolution. The front touch panel provides allows you to check the length of sensor and the temperature of each circuit and various alarm conditions can defectively predict the possibility of a fire. It equip with a SAS(single action scan), which allows you to scan all the circuit by single action of switching. The SAS gives you easiest operation among all others. The receiver is manufactured in accordance with the KFI firefighting type certification.


    530 x 220 x 630mm


    • Fire surveillance in tunnels and large facilities
    • Power plant. Electric tower. Factory Temperature Monitoring
    • Oil & Gas Pipeline Surveillance of Leaks
    • Geothermal Temperature Monitoring
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