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Code of ethics

We value corporate social responsibility, act in accordance with fair standards in business activities to obtain customer value and trust, and declare that we will not accept any results that deviate from these standards. Therefore, every employee of FiberPro Co., Ltd. is committed to enact and implement the Code of Conduct as a standard of correct action and value judgment in order to faithfully fulfill the responsibilities assigned to us.

Ⅰ. (Creating the best products and providing the best service)
Under the motto "Creating New Value with New Technology" FIBERPRO produces the best products and services that will provide new value for our customers
1. Quality is our highest value
2. We will work tirelessly to become the best, cheapest, fastest and the most competitive option
3.Leading the development of human society by creating new value through constant innovation, research, and development.
Ⅱ. (Customer Focus and Customer Value Creation)
We work to satisfy our customers with the belief that "FIBERPRO exists because there are customers."
1. Consider customer satisfaction as a top priority in all decisions.
2. Provide timely products and services that satisfy customers' needs and expectations.
3. Identify the customer's trend and respond in advance.
4. We are committed to meeting the needs and expectations of our customers in order to enable our customers’ desires.

Ⅲ. (Healthy Organizational Culture)
1. Respect the personality and values of each individual and actively strive to provide opportunities for mutual development and to establish a strong foundation of cooperation.
2. We will do our best to promote mutual respect and cooperation amongst employees to create a healthy organizational culture.
3. To make evaluation and treatment towards employees fair and equitable in accordance with ability and performance, with no unreasonable discrimination based on gender, disability, religion, etc.
4. Employees shall be allowed to borrow money, debt guarantees, and congratulatory gifts from each other in accordance with the spirit of mutual superiority and existing regulatory laws.

IV. (Property Protection of the Company)
1. We will do our best to secure and protect the property and intellectual property rights of the Company.
2. The budget or common materials required for the performance of the duties shall be used in accordance with the regulations and shall not be used for personal gain or use
3. Employees shall not disclose any technology or information acquired in connection with the performance of its duties without the approval of the Company as well as during and after retirement.
4. If any infringement of the company's intellectual property rights is found the Company will take swift and strict action.
5. The Company shall not acquire or use any third party's intellectual property rights that was obtained in an illegal or immoral manner such as hacking, theft, corporate espionage, piracy, etc.

Ⅴ. (Fair and honest job performance)
1. We will treat the assigned job fairly and transparently, and clearly define the division of work at all times, and always think and act with the profit and development of the company as our first priority.
2. Do not make unlawful or unreasonable requests to others for the purpose of unfair advantage of oneself or others, and comply with related laws and regulations, articles of association and regulations when performing their duties.
3. In carrying out his / her duties, he / she shall not give preferential treatment or make difficult requests to a specific person on the grounds of birth place, academic relation, familial relation, etc.
4. You shall not receive preferential treatment or rewards such as money or other goods from others, whether direct or indirect, in connection with the performance of your duties.
5. Do not engage in property transactions or investments related to securities, real estate, etc., using information related to the performance of their duties, or provide such information to others to assist in transactions or investments in property.
6. Do not use the job or position to gain unfair advantage or allow others to gain unfair advantage.

VI. (Compliance obligation)
All employees of the Company shall abide by the Code of Business Ethics so as not to damage the reputation or dignity of the Company.

Article 1 (Effective Date)
This Code shall take effect on August 1, 2009.