Your Innovative Fiber Optics Provider


FIBERPRO under the motto, “Creating New Value with New Technology”, is a world class manufacturer of fiber optics solutions for telecommunications and fiber optic sensor interrogation.

FIBERPRO , established in 1995, is well known for its innovative fiber optics solutions, especially for its groundbreaking solutions regarding issues with polarization.
All products created by FIBERPRO are done so via extensive research of customer needs and customer feedback, and FIBERPRO will continue to develop powerful new products and innovative technologies to meet the demand of the ever-growing, fiber-optic sensor market.

FIBERPRO has the technology to analyze optical properties that delivers any specific requirements our clients require on every product with the enabling technology. FIBERPRO also provides consultation services to assist customers in finding the perfect solutions for their unique needs and applications. FIBERPRO operates under the ISO9001 system in order to ensure well organized quality control and maintain an excellent client and business relationship.

FIBERPRO is growing as a market leader in the Test & Measurement field, possessing numerous high-level patents. FIBERPRO endeavors to find the best way to satisfy our clients by continuously developing new products and technologies.


- Leading supplier of fiber components and instruments.
- Major Contributor for R&D and industry in the fiber optics field.

B.Strategy and Tactics for Customers
- The singular focus of our resources, capabilities and staff is to supply our high quality products to customers engaged in fiber optics.


All of FIBERPRO`s fiber optic solutions are backed by our worldwide customer service. FIBERPRO provides consultation services to assist customers in finding the best solutions for their unique needs and applications. Complete customer satisfaction is accomplished through direct contact with our sales representatives -- now located worldwide -- alongside FIBERPRO`s technical - application specialists, who are trained to solve our customers` problems regarding product specifications and applications. All products are managed via service files that maintain detailed records and descriptions of products beginning from the date of purchase. This service file maintains detailed records of customer inquiries. Thus, eliminating the need for a customer from repeating the history of their product to service personnel when they call in for service